Thursday, September 16, 2010

First day of preschool!

On Monday, I started preschool. I started off sad that a school bus was not picking me up! I go to school three mornings a week. After my initial scream for my mommy, i was just fine. Lots of my friends are in my class. We had a great time making Rosh Hashana cards and for snack we had apples and honey.

The most exciting part of all is wearing a back pack.

century for the cure

For the second year, my daddy rode 100 miles to put an end to cancer. I got to ride through the finish line with him. I think the more exciting part was the fire truck that we could play on. God daddy! So proud of you.

happy 2nd birthday macie

last weekend, macie had a my little pony party at tehrune orchards, one of my favorite places. We got to ride the tractors, feed the animals and go on a pony ride!

last beach day

last week bubbe and pop pop took Joseph and I down the shore for the final beach day. Even though it was a little windy, we still had a blast! So sad to say good bye to summer.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Northampton, Mass and Boston

A few weeks ago I went with Bubbe, Pop and Mommy to see cousin Rebecca graduate Smith College in Northampton, Mass. While there, I went to the Eric Carle Museum. It had a library where we read books and did puzzles, an art room where I got to paint with Pop and a beautiful gallery of illustrations.

On the way to pick daddy up from the train, we stopped at The Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Mass. They had about 6 gigantic sculptures based on the different Dr. Seuss books.

We also went to Rebecca's graduation and I finally got to meet my Uncle Tom and cousin Jeff. I had so much fun with them both.

From there we went to Boston for a few days. We walked around Newbury Street, Little Italy, Fanueil Hall on the first day. The second day it rained so we went to the New England Aquarium where I got to touch all sorts of slimy ocean dwellers. We had dinner in Copley Square and our last day we stopped in Cambridge so I could get something at the Curious George book store.

It was a great trip. Here are some pics. I will post the link to the whole album.

Welcome to the castle of our new little prince, Hunter Samuel. Sit back and enjoy as our prince starts his journey to become a king. Hunter Samuel McElwain Born on February 15, 2007 at 6:43 pm 7 lbs, 7oz 20.5 inches